Announcing the Updated FLAIM Trainer Package

By May 14, 2019 No Comments

Over the past 3 months the FLAIM product team has worked hard on designing improvements to FLAIM Trainer.

We recognised that our existing battery system had a number of limitations so we set about a re-design. At FDIC in Indianapolis in April 2019 we revealed the re-designed backpack.

Our original backpack was based on adapting a real compressed air cylinder. We re-designed it to be a sleek black design made from 3D printed plastic.

Our original batteries were high performance batteries similar to those used in drone technology. We re-designed the battery system to use a Milwaukee power tool battery system.

Our original headset was an HTC Vive. We upgraded this to the HTC Vive Pro – with 78% higher definition, dual tracking cameras and integrated headphones.

Our original screensharing technology had limited range and significant interference problems. Our re-designed technology uses Miracast for improved range and much greater resilience.

We also added a few tweaks to the heat suit battery connection and re-designed the lighthouse battery connection.

Then we looked at the packaging.

We removed 5kg of weight from the hose reel and fitted it into the same case as the support kit.

The benefits for our customers:

  • better quality VR experience with built-in high quality sound and a comfortable headset;
  • snap-in/snap-out batteries with flexible power options making them easier to carry on airplanes;
  • batteries that can be purchased in almost 100 countries worldwide;
  • more reliable and greater range for the video mirroring/screensharing;
  • reduced packaging from 3 large cases weighing 66kg to 2 large cases with a smaller carry case weighing a total of 52kg.