FLAIM Extinguisher is a first responder firefighting simulator that uses virtual reality (VR) technology to deliver a realistic experience for training first responders to effectively use industry fire extinguishers.

FLAIM Extinguisher comes in a suitcase that can be unpacked and be operational in around five minutes. The equipment trains users how to operate industry standard dry chemical powder, water, foam, CO2 fire extinguishers. FLAIM Extinguisher combines a full 360 degree visual with sound to realistically simulate what a first responder might experience in a real fire situation including the fire-retardant capacity of the extinguisher.

FLAIM Extinguisher is provided with a physical communications interface (HDMI) to connect a smart screen so that all present can view and be engaged in the VR experience of the trainee using FLAIM Extinguisher.

Users of FLAIM Extinguisher comes standard with a package of common fire scenarios including car, aircraft, house, rural, office, warehouse, industrial and ship.