We are built on a strong research and development pedigree.

FLAIM’s R&D team have worked with fire service training experts from across the world to develop this innovative next generation product for fire extinguisher training.

The FLAIM Extinguisher training system immerses users in workplace and home environments, all developed on the back of industry research.

Our research indicated that training needed to achieve two objectives, to familiarise users with fire extinguishers and to improve the effectiveness of the application of the extinguishing agent.

What the FLAIM team have developed are a set of realistic scenarios all with visuals that place the user in the environment, with sensors monitoring flow and positioning of the extinguisher nozzle – so users can develop the skills they need to act when a fire breaks out.

We now can offer training in environments including universities, schools, manufacturing, hospitals, nursing homes and commercial kitchens that can be delivered anywhere, at any time.

The team are happy to work with you to develop specialised training scenarios – unique to your workplace or industry.

If you have a training problem that you need help solving, or you’d like to collaborate with us to develop more innovative products, please email info@flaimsystems.com