FLAIM Systems at FDIC in Indianapolis April 2019

By April 18, 2019 No Comments

FLAIM Systems shared the Innovation part of the W.S.Darley booth with XVR Simulation and RiVR during FDIC from 8th to 13th April 2019.

It was an immensely successful trade show for Darley and FLAIM – see for details.

Thanks to the team at RiVR we were lucky enough to record a video highlighting FLAIM at FDIC – see our YouTube page.

We demonstrated FLAIM Trainer to over 200 attendees that came past the booth. This included firefighters from across the US, from UK, Australia, Netherlands, Israel, Brazil, Chile and UAE. They all came out impressed with the realism and the total immersion that FLAIM Trainer delivered. Other organisations that tried FLAIM included IAFC, IAFF, NFPA and ProBoard.

We also previewed FLAIM Extinguisher and had several hundred people tried the new product. FLAIM Extinguisher uses the same high quality of simulation as FLAIM Trainer but delivers a much lighter weight experience for the end user.