Kenneth Murphy from Fire+Rescue NSW tries FLAIM

FLAIM Systems are now a Bronze Member of the Fire Protection Association (FPA) of Australia and we are exhibiting at Fire Australia 2019 (, running from Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th May.

We are exhibiting both FLAIM Trainer and our new FLAIM Extinguisher product. FLAIM Extinguisher is a portable virtual reality training product that uses the same fire and smoke modelling techniques as its larger cousin, FLAIM Trainer, but within a mobile form factor that allows a training professional to take the product to any training room, anywhere.

FLAIM Trainer was recently updated with a new design that uses a new battery system, has an upgraded headset (Vive Pro) and a new backpack using Miracast as the video broadcast mechanism. We will be gradually upgrading our existing customers with the new backpack as it becomes available from the production line.

Today at Fire Australia we had customers from across Australia interested to try our new products. Our small booth was often packed as we demonstrated both products.

CFA’s Carolyn Blake tries FLAIM Trainer