Well this past week has been a very busy week as we participated in AFAC18 in Perth, Australia, and all while one year ago we launched at AFAC17 in Sydney Australia. Yes – we are celebrating our first birthday!

Some of our highlights have included our work here in Australia with some of our key agencies – thank you for your support and encouragement – we are working hard to meet your expectations and to deliver your organisations a valuable immersive training experience.

FLAIM Trainer® is also now available in North America with the support of the exceptional team at W.S. Darley & Co and our launch with them at FDIC2018 in April this year and we are now ready to begin delivering into the rest of the world. The interactions with the team at Darley have been incredible and we appreciate the support they have provided FLAIM Systems in delivering our solutions.

As part of our birthday activities we are announcing some new product features to make the FLAIM Trainer® family of solutions more accessible and useable by emergency services trainers. FLAIM Trainer® has always included heating effects to provide a greater immersion. We now introduce the FLAIM Trainer® Tabbard, shifting our heating solution to a dedicated heating vest. Organisations can use their own PPE while training with FLAIM Trainer® – enabling training with your own systems where possible.

FLAIM Trainer® is also introducing fire extinguisher training capability into our product mix with the full range of extinguisher types being made available, plus some really unique partner applications set to be announced soon.

Our chair, Dr Greg Pullen from Deakin University stated ‘We are incredibly proud to have established FLAIM Systems as a viable business, with expanding sales and the successful transfer of Deakin University technology into a product that is helping to improve training of our emergency services and first responder personnel around the world. Happy birthday!’