FLAIM Systems wins national Startup of the Year Award

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FLAIM Systems is proud to be the recipient of the Startup of the Year Award at Australia’s leading digital innovation awards, the Australian Information Industry Association’s (AIIA) National iAwards.

FLAIM team with iAward for Startup of the Year

FLAIM Systems wins national iAward for Startup of the Year

FLAIM is proud to join a list of successful home-grown Australian innovators recognised by the iAwards including Atlassian, WiseTech Global and Google Maps.

FLAIM CEO and CTO James Mullins said the company is delighted to receive this recognition as Australia’s leading digital tech Startup of the Year at the AIIA’s iAwards.

“We are proud to be one of Australia’s leading innovators and a global leader in virtual reality and haptic development, creating jobs here in Victoria.”

FLAIM Systems is revolutionising the way firefighters and first responders around the globe are trained, using virtual reality and haptic technologies.

The company’s FLAIM Trainer, developed from research and development at Deakin University, means that firefighters can now train for the fireground without being exposed to dangerous carcinogens or the hazards of fire.

With FLAIM’s training systems firefighters across a number of industries including emergency services, defence, aerospace and mining can now train anywhere, anytime and safely. It is also enabling firefighters to learn how to use tools such as foam with no environmental impact.

Now in its second year of operation, FLAIM is exporting to 14 countries and has 18 employees and is set for further growth as it expands into new international markets.

FLAIM launched its second product this week, the FLAIM Extinguisher.  This training tool will allow people to learn how to operate a fire extinguisher at home, in the office or in the workplace.