Just Released 2019-Q2 Software Update

We have just released our latest update to the FLAIM Trainer™ software.

The release contains a completely new particle system to simulate visual effects that has been applied to all existing scenarios. We have introduced an interaction system to allow trainees in the scenario basic interaction with certain objects (this will extend and improve over time) and we have also revised the teleporting system. We are also introducing a multi-compartment system that allows for fire and smoke to propogate between compartments.

In this release we have added new scenarios to cover structural fires within a high rise building (training on approach and fire location), highway and tunnel fires (involving the spread of fuel), plus the first of our naval scenarios (training on isolation of electrics),

If you are an existing user of FLAIM Trainer™ and have a paid-up subscription to our content library, then you will get an email describing how to download the software and install it to your FLAIM Trainer™.

Let us know what you think of the software update and the scenarios (link here), through our social buttons (below).