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About Us

We are focused on delivering next generation training solutions to ensure emergency services and first responder personnel are as best skilled as possible.

Using the potential of virtual reality and our expertise in immersive technologies, FLAIM Systems develops, produces and supports the next step in skills training for emergency services.


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FLAIM Systems is going to Dubai for Intersec 2019

Thanks to our partner, W S Darley & Co, we have been invited to Intersec 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection, from 20th to 22nd January 2019. We are super excited to be attending and demonstrating FLAIM Trainer with Darley. We have our bags packed (as you can see)…

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Announcing 2019-Q1 Software Update

Thanks to our CTO, James Mullins, and our hard-working development team we have just released our latest update to the FLAIM Trainer™ software. Containing brand new foam training scenarios, compartment fire behaviour training (CFBT), new aircraft plus interior and a mine truck, there is a lot to like about the new software release. If you…

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Introducing our CEO

FLAIM Systems has appointed Martin Chesbrough as its Chief Executive Officer. Martin is an accomplished international technology executive. Prior to FLAIM Systems Martin has been operating his own innovation consultancy. He has also been involved in founding 3 technology start-ups in the IoT and analytics space, arranging seed funding and building international growth in these…

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Is VR the Future of Training?

FLAIM Systems Pty Ltd was invited to demonstrate FLAIM Trainer™ to a group of emergency management trainers by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) in October 2017. During the presentation a live poll was conducted asking the attendees ‘Is VR the Future of Training?’ The response was quite compelling with 85% saying yes, 10% saying…

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The “Five I’s” of VR, AR and MR

In November last year one of our team members posted this article on a high level framework for thinking about the VR, AR and MR. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/five-vr-ar-mr-ken-mahon/ As we continue to develop the FLAIM Trainer family of solutions, work with our customers, see advances in the enabling technology, and the growth of the application this thinking…

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FLAIM Trainer®

VR Enabled Training with FLAIM Trainer® – Get more from firefighting training programs and scenarios – and extend training into scenarios that can’t be trained using real world systems and environments.

  • FLAIM Trainer® is our single backpack solution for individual skills and immersive experience training.
  • FLAIM Trainer® PLUS is a dual backpack for individual and team skills and immersive experience training.
  • FLAIM Trainer® COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – coming 1H2019.
  • FLAIM Extinguisher® – coming 1H2019.

Take a closer look

FLAIM Trainer® Options.

We have a range of options available for FLAIM Trainer® including:

  • hose reels providing higher jet reaction force for larger hose applications,
    adaptation to your specific protective clothing and branch/nozzles
  • AR training solutions.
  • real time performance data visualisation, data capture and analytics.
  • integration to your broader learning and training ecosystems.

Contact our team to discuss which FLAIM Trainer® solution is right for you.

Our Services

To help our customer get the most from FLAIM Trainer® there are a range of services available from FLAIM Systems.

Library Subscription

  • As part of your ongoing use of FLAIM Trainer® you will have a subscription to our scenario library.

Project and Technical Services

  • Services to assist you implement and maximise your use of FLAIM Trainer®.

Maintenance Support

  • Access our maintenance to ensure your FLAIM Trainer® solutions available when you need them.

Initial Scenario and Configuration Services

  • Confirm the scenarios your organisation needs and the any organisation specific configuration required of FLAIM Trainer® from our options.

Research and Development

  • We are built on a strong research and development pedigree. Talk to our team about our ongoing innovation.

How to Purchase

Contact us to have one of our representative contact you with more information.

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